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Hintergrund The Shift 2024
The Shift conference on climate adaptation


Europe’s first major event dedicated to advancing corporate adaptation to climate change

Nov 6th 2024, Berlin, Germany

The Shift will enable you to:

Understand the consequences of climate change for business and society

Develop adaptation strategies that protect businesses, economies and societies

Discover meaningful connections and transformative ideas to achieve resilience

The First Corporate Climate Adaptation Conference


Empower adaptation 

THE SHIFT conference empowers leaders to respond strategically to climate change, thereby protecting businesses, economies, and societies.  

Foster collaboration

THE SHIFT provides a platform for collective learning, thought-provoking discussions and fosters collaboration for corporate climate adaptation.  

Inspiring networking

THE SHIFT brings together decision-makers from corporations, startups, finance, and academia. This unique blend of diverse expertise and cutting-edge insights provides an inspiring networking opportunity, catalyzing meaningful connections and transformative ideas for climate adaptation.  

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The Shift conference on climate adaptation

In a nutshell

  • >20 international speakers, panelists & facilitators 

  • Interactive key notes, facilitated workshops, and more 

  • Approx. 200 international participants 

  • Diverse adaptation audience from different industries, startups, investors, academia & NGOs 

  • Streaming LIVE globally 

  • Inspiring location in Berlin

  • Perfect timing, just before COP29 

The Shift conference on Climate adaptation

Pressing climate risks

Climate change is an immediate threat, with extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and resource scarcity impacting businesses, economies, and societies worldwide. Urgent adaptation is needed. Furthermore, climate-related regulations are also increasing compliance risks for business.

Economic value at stake

Adapting to climate change is essential for economic stability. Failing to adapt can disrupt supply chains, undermine profitability and entire business models. But climate adaptation does not only protect corporate value chains, but is even more essential for protecting communities and societies in which businesses operate and serve.

New solutions

Recent climate science advancements and innovative technologies provide new insights and solutions for businesses to thrive in a changing climate.

Enhanced collaboration needed

Climate adaptation requires global cooperation and collective innovation. This event facilitates collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and partnerships across industries and borders.


The Shift conference discovers innovative solutions on climate adaptation

The Agenda

The agenda on the 6th of November will consist of three key parts, each with distinct objectives:

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Climate Realism


Understanding the consequences of climate change for economies and societies.

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Discover Adaptation


Business experiences in corporate adaptation; showcasing promising solutions.

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Advance Adaptability


Systematizing enablers for individual and collective adaptation

The Shift Climate Adaptation Club Night

The event will be preceded by a Speakers & Sponsors Dinner on November 5th, and close with the Adaptation Club Night on November 6th.

The First Corporate Climate Adaptation Conference

The Location: Berlin tbd

WHO SHOULD attend?

The First Corporate Climate Adaptation Conference

Are you a forward-thinking corporate executive, investor, entrepreneur or academic dedicated to protecting businesses and societies from the effects of climate change? If so, mark your calendar for the must-attend event of the year: THE SHIFT.

This conference is tailored for leaders that wish to advance the corporate adaptation agenda, including:

  • C-Level Executives with Responsibility for Strategy or Operational Resilience

  • Chief Sustainability Officers

  • Directors of Environmental Affairs

  • Global Supply Chain Managers

  • Sustainability and CSR Managers

  • Investors seeking to invest in adaptation solutions

  • Founders of adaptation oriented start-ups

  • Academics

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