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The Shift Team

The Shift was initiated by long-time advocates of corporate sustainability and adaptation research.

The founders believe that businesses and society need to do more to adapt to inevitable effects of climate change, as it has become increasingly clear that we are heading towards a world that will be at least 2 °C warmer.


This will bring about a drastically different future, exposing large parts of global population, and the value chains that sustain them, to significant risks. 

THE SHIFT is their attempt to create a platform for dialogue, learning and collaboration among professionals, researchers, activists and policy makers who see the same need. They wish to inspire and empower participants to take action and drive change within their organizations and beyond.



Empower adaptation 

THE SHIFT conference empowers leaders to respond strategically to climate change, thereby protecting businesses, economies, and societies.  

Foster collaboration

THE SHIFT provides a platform for collective learning, thought-provoking discussions and fosters collaboration for corporate climate adaptation.  

Inspiring networking

THE SHIFT brings together decision-makers from corporations, startups, finance, and academia. This unique blend of diverse expertise and cutting-edge insights provides an inspiring networking opportunity, catalyzing meaningful connections and transformative ideas for climate adaptation.  

Further contributors

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