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THE Venue

A special place for an inspiring conference experience

Join us at the Malzfabrik, our location for our conference, the partners dinner (Nov 5th) and the Adaptation Club Night (Nov 6th).

The conference will take place at the unique Malzfabrik, located in the heart of Berlin.


With origins dating back over 100 years, this historic site offers a unique blend of rich history and modern sustainability, making it the perfect setting for our conversations on adaptation.

Originally established as a malt factory, the Malzfabrik has witnessed remarkable transformations over the decades. Its storied past includes hosting the infamous KitKatClub in the iconic Maschinenhalle, adding a layer of cultural significance to its legacy.


Today, the Malzfabrik stands as a symbol of adaptation and creativity. Its innovative redesign showcases how historical structures can be repurposed to meet contemporary needs while embracing environmental consciousness. This venue embodies the very essence of our conference.

Participants will be inspired by the Malzfabrik’s commitment to sustainable practices and its versatile spaces, which provide the ideal backdrop for discussing new approaches to climate adaptation. Here, history and future converge, encouraging innovative ideas and strategies to build resilience against climate challenges.

The Malzfabrik offers multiple individual spaces for parallel TheShift sessions and workshops. This will assure a high level of interaction. Let´s create an innovative adaptation brew together... 

How to get there

Malzfabrik – Berlin

Bessemerstraße 2–14; 12103 Berlin

The Shift conference on climate adaptation

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