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Jenny Kwan


Jenny Kwan

World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Jenny co-leads WBCSD’s Climate Action program, a global, cross-value chain business platform facilitating learning and collaboration to accelerate and unlock decarbonization solutions, to limit the earth’s temperate rise to 1.5°C. The program includes Climate Mitigation, Climate Adaptation, Carbon Removals and Carbon Accounting. 


Jenny has over 20 years of international experience working in the private and public sectors directing programs for better decision making, sustainability and sustainable supply chains.  Prior to joining WBCSD, she was working at Uber on its strategy to electrify ride-hailing in Europe.  Before that Jenny worked 10 years at IDH The Sustainable Trade Initiative, co-founding the Global Coffee Platform and leading public-private partnerships to increase the sustainable production of coffee and other commodities together with some of the world's largest coffee roasters, their supply chains, producers and governments. Before that Jenny worked at Royal Dutch Shell, and in the IT sector. 

Jenny also holds a Masters of Business Administration from the MIT Sloan School of Management and a Bachelors of Engineering (Hons) from the University of Auckland.


Jenny Kwan

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