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Dr. Florian Feigs

Head of Global Sustainability

Dr. Florian Feigs

BASF Agricultural Solutions

Dr. Florian Feigs is a distinguished leader in the field of sustainability & adaptation with over a decade of experience at BASF. In his current role at Agricultural Solutions, he is responsible to steer and implement sustainability globally. Adaption to climate shifts and Carbon Farming are of strategic relevance. Holding a PhD in Economic Geography from the University of Münster, Florian has a profound understanding of the interplay between geography/environment and economics. His career is marked by not only contributions at corporate strategy, particularly in the realms of M&A, CAPEX assessments, but also in sales . Florian is renowned for his expertise in integrating sustainability and regulatory services into business, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to innovation and sustainability in the chemical industry.


Dr. Florian Feigs

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